'Someone's trying to hide something': Ex-Watergate prosecutor explains why White House is trying to muzzle Bannon
Former U.S. prosecutor in the Watergate investigation Nick Ackerman (Screen capture)

Former Watergate prosecutor and MSNBC commentator Nick Ackerman told Ali Velshi on Wednesday that the White House would not be behaving the way it currently is unless it was hiding something.

Velshi asked why there's so much media noise around whether Bannon testifies to the grand jury or the House or the Senate if he isn't supposed to lie to any of them.

Ackerman explained that Congressional testimony presents more exposure for Bannon. Everything he tells Congress will go to special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury. Mueller's investigation, on the other hand, would not be leaking information the other way.

"The only conclusion you can really draw from that," said Ackerman, "is that someone is trying to hide something, to cover up something."

He went on to say that much of the sensitive testimony seems to revolve around former national security adviser Mike Flynn and his secret contacts with Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.

"They may make the reasonable decision just to put him in the grand jury," Ackerman said. "Because remember, the wild card is Michael Flynn. They know what Michael Flynn has said."

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