'Texting goodbyes and shielding their baby': CNN's Tapper reports on tears in Hawaii after horrific false missile attack report
CNN's Jake Tapper (Screengrab)

According to CNN's Jake Tapper, following the mistaken alert sent out to everyone in Hawaii that a missile attack was imminent, he heard from friends in the island chain who were crying and sending their goodbyes to friends.

Early Saturday morning, an official in Hawaii issued an erroneous warning that reached cell phones and interrupted television programming to announce a missile attack -- presumably from North Korea.

According to the message that sent in big bold letters reading: “Ballistic missile inbound to Hawaii. Seeks shelter immediately. This is not a drill.”

In his tweet, Tapper relayed, "So sorry for all the people in Hawaii who went through that — we know someone who’s there with her family. Crying in closet texting goodbyes to loved ones, husband shielding their baby. Sounds traumatic. Hang in there, folks."

Tapper's comments were seconded by others on Twitter who also shared panicked and sorrowful text messages.

You can see them below: