‘This deplorable appreciates the bread crumbs’: Trump voter thanks president for Walmart bonus
Sue from Ohio talks to Pete Hegseth (Fox News)

An Ohio Trump supporter placed herself beyond the reach of satire during an interview with Fox News.

Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth visited a Momma's West Main Café on Wednesday morning to ask diners whether they agreed with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's view of Republican tax cuts.

The California Democrat said the tax cuts signed by President Donald Trump mostly benefited the wealthy while tossing "bread crumbs" to lower-income taxpayers.

"For one thing, it's a very, very big deal," a Trump voter named Sue told Fox News about the $1,000 bonus she got from her employer, Walmart. "When you work for a company and they want to give you $1,000 just because our president gave them a tax break, to me it's a big deal."

Sue said it reaffirmed her loyalty to Trump.

"We've been called deplorables and everything else," she said. "This deplorable appreciates the bread crumbs."

Sue told Fox News that she was disgusted by the public opinion of Trump as president.

"I prayed about this many, many times," she said. "I wasn't an Obama fan but I never treated him with disrespect. No matter who your president is, he deserves respect."