Trump blew off suggestion to meet with Black Caucus over immigration reform: ‘You’ve got to be joking’
President of the United States Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

According to the deep dive by the Washington Post into Donald Trump's combative meeting with Congressional leaders over immigration reform, the president abruptly scoffed at the idea of meeting the Congressional Black Caucus to get their input.

Last week, Trump sat down with Democrats and Republicans to hammer out some sort of path to immigration reform and deal with the Dreamers -- and then later refused to approve a bipartisan deal to at least resolve the DACA impasse -- only to have the meeting disrupted by Trump calling Haiti and African nations "sh*tholes."

With the Post reporting that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly helped kill the bill, the report notes that attendees were taken aback by Trump's attitude, particularly when Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) suggested the president should sit down for a face-to-face with black members of Congress to allay their concerns.

According to the report, Durbin suggested to the President that he might find more support if he spoke with the CBC in order to get their buy-in.

The report states that Trump was "curt and dismissive" saying he was not going to fashion his immigration policy based upon their demands.

According to  sources in the meeting, Trump waved off Durbin by saying, “You’ve got to be joking.”

The report also notes that Kelly sat "stone-faced" as Trump made his "sh*thole" comments.

You can read the whole report here.