Trump officials discussed forcing undocumented teen girl to undergo 'reversed' abortion: lawsuit
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Officials at the Office of Refugee Resettlement last year discussed forcing an undocumented immigrant teenager to undergo a medically unproven procedure that is intended to "reverse" the process of getting a chemical abortion.

Vice News reports that Scott Lloyd, a Trump appointee who heads up the agency that oversees undocumented minors who come into the United States without a parent, discussed forcing an undocumented teenage girl to be treated with the hormone progesterone as a way to "reverse" a chemical abortion she was having.

Lloyd admitted that this procedure was discussed during a deposition that was part of a lawsuit filed against the Trump administration by the American Civil Liberties Union.

In his deposition, Lloyd says he "may have" discussed the procedure, although the attorney questioning him subsequently got him to acknowledge that he discussed it with his transition staff and attorneys.

When asked why he would discuss such a procedure, he replied that it would be "to save the life of the baby."

In addition to this, the publication writes that "emails obtained by Vice News... also mention progesterone explicitly and show that officials had questions about the feasibility of using it 'for the purpose of aborting a chemical abortion process.'"

There is no evidence that Trump administration officials actually forced the undocumented teen to undergo the procedure, which Vice says has no credible science backing up its effectiveness, and which many medical experts believe amounts to conducting unsafe experiments on women's bodies.