Trump staffers are fed up with John Kelly's nagging -- and are now calling him 'The Church Lady': report
Trump chief of staff John Kelly, left, and the Church Lady, right.

White House chief of staff John Kelly has been credited with bringing a certain level of discipline to an otherwise chaotic West Wing -- but apparently some members of the administration are growing tired of his style.

In Gabriel Sherman's new report on tensions between Kelly and President Donald Trump, sources claim that Kelly's preference for military-style order is a bad fit for an administration that has what Sherman describes as "a 'Lord of the Flies' office culture."

In fact, sources tell Sherman that White House staffers are sick of Kelly's constant "rectitude," and they've started calling him "The Church Lady," a reference to a "Saturday Night Live" sketch from the 1980s in which Dana Carvey would play a snippy, judgmental Christian talk show host.

Trump has reportedly been very unhappy with Kelly after the retired general called some of the president's past immigration positions "uninformed" during a Fox News interview. Given how much Trump hates seeing other people try to make themselves look like they're running his administration, there has been some speculation that Trump will oust Kelly from his role in the near future.