Trump's 'favorite pastime' is sizing up potential 2020 Dems -- and he doesn't see anyone as a 'serious competitor'
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Donald Trump hasn’t yet served a full year in office, but according to Politico, when he’s not golfing at one of his properties or live-tweeting his favorite Fox News program, the president is sizing up—and dressing down—potential 2020 challengers.

According to a Republican insider, Trump recently dismissed the threat of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), insisting the former Democratic candidate isn’t a serious threat to his presidency because Sanders’ age would play a major factor in a potential match-up (Sanders is five years older than Trump).

Trump has also reportedly dismissed potential presidential runs by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) (“easy to beat”), and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who Trump reportedly thinks won’t run.

“He’s always asking people, ‘Who do you think is going to run against me?’” the GOP insider told Politico.

“I don’t think he sees anyone, right now, being a serious competitor,” the Republican added.

Speaking with Politico, A former White House official warned that the president’s biggest problem would be the addition of someone well-liked by voters who also pushes for policies related to Trump’s central campaign promises.

“What we can’t let voters do is think they can get the same policies with someone they like better, like Joe Biden—someone who would fight for them but who doesn’t have the crass edge,” that former staffer told Poltiico. “I hope CNN has Kirsten Gillibrand on every minute of every day. Love it. Bring it. She's easy to destroy. If you're the president, or the RNC, you're more worried about someone who looks like Biden—someone who has more mainstream appeal, who blue-collar workers could identity with.”

Others are worried about a potential upset by a big-named celebrity with universal appeal—like the beloved talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

“Oprah would be a problem,” a GOP strategist told Politico, referring to Winfrey as the Democrats’ “best.”

”She’s ubiquitous, she’s black, she has crossover appeal and she probably clears a lot of the field out,” the strategist added.