The View hammers Trump's 'racist' murder ad: He'll have 'blood on his hands' if his followers attack immigrants
Whoopi Goldberg, Ana Navarro, Joy Behar -- screenshot

View guest Ana Navarro led the charges against a campaign ad created by the Trump for President campaign over the weekend that accused Democrats of being "complicit in murder" if they didn't agree to build his wall as part of budget negotiations.

Following a portion of the clip that stated: "Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants," co-host Joy Behar was both flabbergasted and sarcastic.

"Wow," she told the panel. "That means every Republican is responsible for every child who doesn't get health care under chip, under the children's health insurance policy? So that many murderers around apparently..."

"Let me say something about that ad," Navarro interjected. "Because as an immigrant, as a Hispanic, Republican, American -- that ad is offensive, it's hurtful, it's divisive and it's wrong."

"What it does in my eyes is demonize all immigrants and people with brown skin. put them all in the same cup," she continued. "By the way, this is a Donald J. Trump campaign ad. I know they tried to distance themselves the White House from this ad."

Let's not play stupid -- own it. Own what you are saying," she exclaimed. "Too often, too many times in the last year since he's been president it has been them against us. Black people against white people. Brown people against white people. That is not the American way. That is not our system and we as America have to reject the message of that ad -- and we will in November."

"I think the other thing," inserted View host Sunny Hostin. "I was also so offended by that ad. It was so shocking to me. When you have these ads, these national ads -- hate crimes, the statistics are the hate crimes -- do rise. There are real world consequences for these kinds of advertisements. So you have that stoking this racism, this hatred we're seeing and you know, whose hand is the blood on when immigrants are attacked?"

Watch the video below via ABC: