’Conservatives don’t care anymore?’: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota corners Trump supporter over porn star payouts
CNN's Alisyn Camerota interviews Matt Schlapp (Screen cap).

CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday hammered Trump supporter Matt Schlapp for trying to brush off President Donald Trump's alleged payouts to porn star Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence over their past affair.

During a CNN panel, Camerota brought up a lawsuit recently filed by progressive nonprofit Common Cause that claimed payouts to Daniels were illegal because they were an unreported campaign expense that should have shown up in an FEC report.

Schlapp tried to wave away the entire story, however, by claiming that the entire episode is nothing more than tabloid fodder -- despite the fact that the payments to Daniels were meticulously documented by the Wall Street Journal.

Eventually, Camerota got tired of Schlapp's evasions and cornered him about how differently conservatives in the past have treated Democrats who have been accused of covering up extramarital affairs.

"Conservatives don't care anymore about extramarital affairs?" she asked.

Schlapp then responded by bringing up former President Bill Clinton.

"Absolutely, we especially care about it when people use the government, which the Clintons did, to use their government power to try to silence women," he said.

Camerota then noted that conservatives had no problem with the Department of Justice going after former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards for allegedly using campaign funds to help hide his own extramarital affair.

"But he did use campaign funds, Alisyn!" Schlapp complained.

"And aren't we trying to find out if Donald Trump did the same?" she asked in response.

Watch the video below.