WATCH: Drunk man slaps disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in the face at Arizona restaurant
Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (image via Shutterstock).

Disgraced former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein got into a confrontation with a patron at an Arizona restaurant on Tuesday that ended with Weinstein taking two slaps to the face.

TMZ reports that Weinstein on Tuesday evening was dining at a restaurant called Elements in Scottsdale, Arizona, when he was approached by a man identified by the publication only as "Steve."

The two men sat and talked at Weinstein's table for a time, but as Weinstein got up to leave the restaurant, "Steve" followed him and slapped him twice in the face while repeatedly calling him a "piece of sh*t."

According to TMZ, Weinstein decided not to call the police after the incident. Additionally, "Steve" tells TMZ that he'd had "quite a bit to drink" before he decided to confront Weinstein.

The former movie mogul's career came to a crashing end last year after the New York Times reported multiple allegations of sexual harassment against him that spanned decades.

Watch the video below.