WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel ridicules Trump's bumbling 'Fake News' awards with his own 'Dishonest & Corrupt President Awards'
Jimmy Kimmel (Screengrab)

Thursday night, ABC host Jimmy Kimmel took some shots at President Trump's "Fake News" awards, mocking the president for failing to launch it online successfully.

In return, Kimmel offered up his own, "Dishonest & Corrupt President Awards," giving out awards to the President for "Least Convincing Display of Love," the "Best Fabricated Numbers," and "Best Self-Proclaimed Bestness," with Trump winning in that category for claiming to having "the best words.”

Kimmel also dinged Trump for his Obama birtrherism in the category of “Outstanding Achievement in Obama Fiction," with the eventual winner being Trump's claim that the former president was was “the founder of ISIS.

Watch the video below via ABC: