WATCH: MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace perfectly explains why the Mueller probe is 'close to the end'
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace connected the dots between three different bombshell reports on the investigations into Russian collusion by Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and potential obstruction of justice.

"Special counsel Bob Mueller just stole the plot line right back from this president and this White House," Wallace observed. "The breaking news today that the special counsel has interviewed the sitting Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, as part of the Russia investigation."

"NBC News is also reporting that the special counsel has interviewed former FBI Director Jim Comey about his memos. Those memos were contemporaneous notes that he has testified under oath to have taken after every single interaction with Donald Trump."

"These twin developments are reigniting speculation in Washington, D.C., today about Bob Mueller focusing in on potential obstruction of justice by the president and his associates," Wallace reported.

Wallace also noted the breaking news reports that Mueller wants to directly question President Trump.

"What does the picture look like to you, from your vantage point?" Wallace asked former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg, who served on the staffs of both James Comey and Robert Mueller.

"Well, Nicolle, it's getting a little bit clearer," Rosenberg replied. "None of this should be surprising. You described these as developments, they're more like revelations."

"I really think that today's developments are signaling to us that Mueller is moving, perhaps, more quickly than we realize, along the obstruction of justice track," NBC News intelligence and national security reporter Ken Dilanian suggested. "It's looking more and more like he is wrapping up or getting close to the end on obstruction of justice."