‘Whatever’: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota mocks Kellyanne Conway for yet again denying Hillary Clinton obsession
A CNN panel laughs at Kellyanne Conway (Screen cap).

A CNN panel on Thursday burst out laughing after seeing that Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway had once again insisted that she and the Trump administration are not obsessed with Hillary Clinton.

After playing a clip of Conway on Wednesday night denying that anyone in the White House talks about Hillary Clinton, CNN host Alisyn Camerota read a Thursday morning tweet from Conway that purportedly "clarified" her earlier remarks about denying her and President Donald Trump's obsession with their former rival.

"So fun to see the predictable heads exploding, but I should've finished that sentence, CNN," Conway wrote. "'Nobody in the White House talks about Hillary Clinton' when noting whose presidential leadership = historic tax cuts & economic boom, reg reform, put ISIS in retreat."

After a brief pause, the entire CNN panel burst out laughing at Conway's tweet.

Camerota then jumped in to point out that, despite Conway's denials, the Trump White House cannot stop talking about Clinton.

"I mean, look... they do talk about Hillary Clinton all the time," she said. "I've challenged Kellyanne in the past to have an interview where she doesn't bring it up, and it was impossible, actually. So whatever. They are fixated on it."

Watch the video below.