White House staffers scream at CNN's Jim Acosta after Trump points at him and says 'out'
CNN screenshot

Speaking with CNN host Wolf Blitzer, White House correspondent Jim Acosta said President Donald Trump wanted no part in answering questions before he held a photo op with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and White House staffers shouted him down after Trump singled him out.

"As I tried to ask whether he wanted more people to come in just from white or caucasian countries, he said, 'out,'" Acosta said. "He pointed to me and said, out, as in get out of the Oval Office."

Acosta said reporters then went to the Roosevelt Room, where Trump and the president of Kazakhstan made remarks.

But when he tried to ask the president questions after the remarks, deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley "got right up in my face... and started shouting so loudly that it was impossible for the president to hear our questions."

"It was that kind of a display. It reminded me of something you might see in less democratic countries," Acosta said.

Watch video below via CNN: