Anderson Cooper hilariously mocks Omarosa for pretending she's whispering a secret on reality television
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

Omarosa Manigault-Newman was seen in the first episode of "Celebrity Big Brother" whispering secrets to a fellow contestant about President Donald Trump.

Anderson Cooper couldn't help but laugh at the idea that she was whispering while on television like it was some sort of secret.

"If I whisper into the microphone, nobody can hear me," Cooper said, pulling his microphone close to his mouth. "What's going on? That's crazy."

"We should do a slow where everybody does that. It's a 'Saturday Night Live' skit," former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) joked.

"And who could have predicted this would happen?" asked Kirsten Powers.

"So shocking," Margaret Hoover laughed.

Cooper wondered if it is a betrayal to the people she worked with in the White House to go on a show and speak so ill of the person who gave her a job.

Jeffrey Toobin joked that it isn't actually betrayal if it's whispered.

Bakari Sellers called it a "hot mess" and noted that the latest from Omarosa is indicative of what this White House is.

"Because you saw the press secretary go in and equate working in the White House to 'The Apprentice,'" he said.

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