Anthony Scaramucci tells David Frum to use 'Mexican suppositories' in off-the-rails Maher segment
David Frum vs. Anthony Scaramucci (Photo: Screen capture)

The bizarre fight between Anthony Scaramucci and David Frum during Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher" spilled into the post-show web segment "Overtime," where the two continued to battle it out.

In a discussion about the Republican Party, Maher noted that when the GOP isn't in power, they refuse to allow the government to spend a dime. "As soon as you're in, it's 'write the check,'" he said.

Frum argued that it's telling of those leaders who claim to have principles but then are so easy to compromise them. Scaramucci made an off-handed comment back and Frum schooled in: "what you accept is who you are."

"You could use an anger management class," Scaramucci said, going after Frum personally again."Don't let your anger cloud your judgment."

"Don't let your anger cloud your judgment, but don't let your ambitions cloud your judgment either," Frum said in a sage tone.

"The Mooch" then launched into an even more personal attack, telling Frum to check out "some of those Mexican suppositories." he went on to call Frum a "mean guy," but Frum completely misunderstood what he said.

"I'm not a weed guy, no," he responded.

Scaramucci referred to himself at one point as Michael Corleone, which Maher agreed with.

"You are like Michael Corleone! He doesn't raise his voice. He's a quiet killer," Maher said.

"Well, I'm like Tina Turner," Donna Brazile cut in. "I'm a private dancer, baby, but I don't dance for that kinda money."

Watch the clip below: