Watch: Bill Maher catches Trumpster Anthony Scaramucci in a blatant lie
Bill Maher holds back Anthony Scaramucci as he and David Frum battle (Photos: RealTime/Twitter)

In what can only be described as a strange interview, "Real Time" host Bill Maher caught former aide to President Donald Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, in a blatant lie. It then devolved into a snark-fight between "The Mooch" and ex-Bush speechwriter David Frum.

First, Scaramucci said that the birther joke Maher made years ago that got him sued by Trump was funny. The conversation then quickly devolved into a battle between the host and Scaramucci about the state of the economy and who was to blame for stagnating wages and the death of the American Dream. It then spiraled into the beginning of a fight over Trump winning te election thanks, in part, to Russia.

Scaramucci tried to have it both ways, saying that he both believed the 17 intelligence agencies and their assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election. However, he also said that he doesn't believe Trump won because of Russian intervention.

Maher seemed confused and asked exactly who was Russia working for -- because it seemed the bots, fake news sites and thousands spent in unlawful Facebook ads were all in support of Trump.

That's when David Frum got annoyed.

"One of the things that we're very concerned about," Frum began. "And you make some important points about what's happening to the economy. But we're concerned about what's happening to our institutions and government. So, I have a question. Before you went into government, where you served as communications director, you recieved an enormous offer from a Chinese group for the purchase of your company for $90 million, before you went in. After you came out, the purchasers lost interest. How am I to understand that."

Scaramucci said that what Frum was alleging wasn't true and that the government agencies wouldn't approve the sale and that's why it wouldn't go through. Any assumption of impropriety on his part was inaccurate. He called Frum's question "BS" and told Maher that he doesn't like to curse so he only used the two letters.

Maher called out that claim as completely false.

"You don't curse? You curse to reporters! You're the one who said that Steve Bannon sucks his own c*ck!" Maher exclaimed.

"No, no, no," Scaramucci replied.

"So you didn't say that?" Maher asked.

Scaramucci corrected Maher, saying that he absolutely said it but he didn't think Bannon is "anatomically incapable of doing that."

The conversation then switched to a fight about the economy that prompted Maher to cover his eyes in frustration. It ultimately returned to the fight over Russia's interference with the election, which "The Mooch" maintained had no part in Trump's win in 2016.

"As a Republican -- I've spent more time in a Republican administration than you," Frum cut in as the audience hooped to his smackdown. "As a Republican, does it not--"

"David is coming across as angry tonight," Scaramucci replied.

"I am angry! Of course I am! Does it not stick in your craw that Vladimir Putin wanted to help your guy so much?" Frum asked.

Scaramucci tried to bring up Wikileaks but Frum interjected again.

"Don't you ask the question: why didn't my guy win the Putin Primary?" Frum asked.

"Your level of anger and sanctimony is not coming across well," was Scramucci's only response.

The conversation then spiraled into another fight between the two with Frum demanding answers and comments while Scramucci attacked his appearance on television and presence on air.

Watch the fight below: