Anti-vaxxers rally around Texas GOP candidate who backs bizarre plan to build libertarian ocean cities
Texas state congressional candidate Susanna Dokupil (Twitter photo).

The movement against mandatory vaccinations is rallying around a Republican state congressional candidate in Texas who also is a key player in a bizarre plan to build independent libertarian cities in the middle of the ocean.

As the Texas Observer reports, anti-vaxxer organization Texans for Vaccine Choice has endorsed Republican candidate Susanna Dokupil to represent the district of West University Place in this year's GOP primary against incumbent Rep. Sarah Davis.

Although Dokupil insists that she isn't against vaccinations on a personal level, she has won support from anti-vaxxers after she told Texans for Vaccine Choice last year that "we believe in what you’re doing, we believe in parental choice and your cause and we will fight with you."

In addition to her work with anti-vaxxers, Dokupil is also a board member of the Seasteading Institute, an organization once backed by Trump supporter Peter Thiel that aims to build a floating libertarian utopia in the middle of the ocean.

Dokupil's primary rival, Rep. Sarah Davis, says she is confident she will prevail, but adds that she isn't taking anything for granted.

"If I were to somehow lose this primary and they take credit for defeating a vaccine advocate, then their strength would grow because they would feel empowered," Davis tells the Observer. "And other members would probably think twice about wanting to get involved in advancing good, sound public policy dealing with vaccines. I think the ramifications are big."