Arizona parents furious after white students escape punishment for ‘f*ck all n*ggers’ video
Residents of Chandler, Arizona discuss racism in their local junior high school (Screen cap).

A group of parents in Chandler, Arizona are furious after their local junior high school decided to not punish a group of eighth graders who posted a racist video on social media where they yelled "f*ck all n*ggers" over Martin Luther King Day weekend this year.

Local news station 12 News reports that San Tan Junior High School has declined to discipline the students involved in the racist video and has instead encouraged parents and students to have a dialogue about racial issues in their community. The school also noted that the video has already created a "backlash to individuals who are associated with the incident."

However, some black parents whose children attend the school say that the administration's refusal to punish the students has now emboldened them to start bullying black classmates.

"I felt like I was in 1964 in Mississippi, not in 2018 in Chandler Arizona," one mother said at a recent public forum on racist abuse.

"These kids who were inflicting hurt and hate -- where are they? In school, in class unpunished," said parent Amber Hutchinson. "Encouraging other students to become more vocal with their hate speech."

One student at San Tan Junior High School attended the forum and said she's seen an increase in racist bullying in the wake of the video.

"Now these students who posted the video believe they are untouchable and others who think like them feel empowered to spread their hate as well," she said.

The parents say they plan to bring up their concerns about the video at this week's Chandler Unified School District meeting.

Watch 12 News' report on the video below.