As bad as the Charlottesville Neo-Nazis are, their lawyer might be even worse
James Kolenich (Cincinnati Enquirer)

A Cincinnati attorney has stepped forward to defend alt-right and neo-Nazi defendants in Charlottesville, Virginia, who are facing charges of conspiracy to incite violence at their "Unite the Right" rally last year.

Speaking with, Deerfield Township attorney James E. Kolenich stated he planned to defend the white supremacists by asserting their rights under the Constitution to espouse their racist and anti-Semitic beliefs and shouldn't be blamed for the violence that followed including the death of Heather Heyer, who was mowed down with a car by a rally participant.

Unlike some civil rights lawyers who take a case due to a belief that all defendants deserve representation, Kolenich agrees with his clients' racist beliefs, and was up-front about discussing what he feels is the danger facing Americans from Jewish influence.

"My willingness to get involved is to oppose Jewish influence in society," he said in an interview. "It's plain that white people are the chosen people in the New Testament. It's the job that we were given, to spread Christianity around the world. That doesn't involve hatred of other races, not even of ethnic Jews. But it does involve opposing their un-Christian influence in society."

Kolenich, who described himself as a Catholic -- but refuses to recognize any Pope selected after Vatican II, which he referred to as "Vatican Jew" -- claims that white people have a duty to save and protect civilization from Jews, immigrants and minorities.

According to Kolenich, his involvement in the case began because he believes Jews have a plan to destroy America by turning it into a Third-World country thanks to "mass, uncontrolled, un-white immigration."

"If you're going to let them all (immigrants) come up here, their problems are going to come with them, they're not going to magically get Americanized," explained Kolenich. "They're going to turn it into the Third World that they left."

According to the attorney, he is unsure how many Jews died in the Holocaust as well as suggesting that it may never have happened.

"You can't call the Jew Holocaust into question, right?" suggested Kolenich. "How many millions, tens of millions of Russians were slaughtered during the Soviet Union... you never hear about it right? Don't want to talk about it. Just the magic six million. So Christians really shouldn't fall for that. The Holocaust is the execution, the crucifixion of Christ. The most important event in human history is His Resurrection, not, this Jewish Holocaust even if it did happen."

The attorney also admitted that he is not concerned about being allied with neo-Nazis and couldn't care less if he was called one.

"If being Christian is equated with being a neo-Nazi in this society, then that's just how it has to be," he said. "'It' (being a Nazi) is something that I would reject, all things being equal, but there's nothing I can do about it in modern society."

You can read the whole interview here.

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