‘Buckle up’: Stunned Don Lemon laughs while recounting a single day in Trump's 'chaotic White House'
CNN's Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday perfectly summed up a stunning day of major headlines coming from the White House, imploring viewers to “buckle up” as he went down the remarkable list of stories from a single day of Donald Trump’s presidency.

“We're following multiple huge stories tonight, and we're going to catch you up on everything, and it's a lot,” Lemon said. “So buckle up.”

“First, there's Hope Hicks,” Lemon explained. “The fifth White House communications director in a little over a year. announcing she's resigning, joining the parade of people from the Trump administration fleeing for the exits. Hicks announcing her departure just one day after admitting she told lies, what she characterized as ‘white lies,’ but lies nonetheless, in the service of President Trump.”

Lemon explained his colleague, CNN’s Erin Burnett, reported that Trump “berated” Hicks for acknowledging she lied while speaking before Congressional investigators--an exchange described as Hicks' "final straw."

Moving on, Lemon mentioned a series of reports about Trump’s son-on-law Jared Kushner, whose family business received massive loans from at least two companies after the top Trump aide attended meetings with those companies’ executives.

“Kushner also described as acting paranoid, he feels everyone is out to get him after losing his top secret security clearance and in the middle of his battle with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly,” Lemon explained.

“And there’s also the latest crisis of the president's own making,” Lemon continued. “The public shaming of his own handpicked attorney general.”

“And now tonight, we have learned [special counsel Robert] Mueller is looking into exactly why Trump wanted to oust Sessions last summer,” Lemon said.

“And here we go again,” Lemon added, turning to Trump’s stunning meeting on guns Wednesday during which the president “[ended] up sounding an awful lot like a Democrat.”

“Remember when gun advocates loved to say, Obama wants to take away your guns?” Lemon asked. “Now Trump actually does.”

“So a recap just on the open of this show: bombshell resignations, White House infighting, guns, all of that—and it's only Wednesday.”

Watch Lemon summarize the day’s news below, via CNN: