Conservative stuns CNN panel with timely reminder that Trump’s first wife Ivana accused him of rape
Amanda Carpenter on CNN -- screenshot

In a full-scale attack on White House for sheltering ex-staff secretary Rob Porter, who allegedly had abused two of his previous wives, conservative CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter dug deep into the sex scandals dogging President Donald Trump -- going so far to bring up his first wife's accusation that he raped her.

Speaking with hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Harwood, Carpenter tore into administration, noting White House officials have known about Porter's history for months but kept it to themselves.

"The takeaway here is, beating your wife is not disqualifying to work in the White House," Carpenter began. "Should we be surprised? No, because it is the job requirement  to go defend the man who  talked about sexual assault on the 'Access Hollywood' tapes. This is a job qualification to be a professional spokesperson of the Republican Party to go and defend Roy Moore."

"How much more evidence do we need that the head of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, does not give a whit about the abuse of women," she continued. "This comes from the top. I mean, I feel like we dance around all of these subjects, and to be able to talk about this in an honest way requires talking about uncomfortable things -- like the rape allegation from his first wife. There's a pattern here. And because the subjects are so uncomfortable, I think we don't talk about them and they continue to fester."

Carpenter's reference to Trump raping his first wife Ivana goes back to deposition she gave in the 1990's when the couple were divorcing, with the ex-wife saying she felt "violated" having sex with Trump, saying, it was part of a "violent assault" that included ripping her clothes off. She later walked it back, saying she didn't think it was criminal,although she had reportedly told friends it was rape.

Carpenter wasn't done.

"They constantly turn a blind eye to ethical questions, to uncomfortable situations, things that could possibly make them look bad," she lectured. "And I think we have every right to ask, given this information, what in the world is going on in that White House? What is going on with Hope Hicks? What is going on with Melania? She only speaks to Americans through her fashion choices. There is some craziness going on and  we don't know everything that is happening, but it is clearly not on the up and up."

You can watch the video below via CNN: