CNN panel stunned by Hope Hicks ouster: Trump's White House is 'coming apart' at the seams
CNN host Jake Tapper (left) and White House aide Hope Hicks (right). Images via screengrab.

In any other news cycle, having three major news breaks in one day would be out of the ordinary. But as CNN's Jake Tapper noted this afternoon, "we just call that Wednesday."

Responding to news that White House communications director Hope Hicks is abruptly resigning just a day after she testified before the House Intelligence Committee and and admitted she told "white lies" for President Donald Trump, Tapper and his panelists noted that the Trump administration's chaos appears to have reached a head.

"In all appearances, she was stoic and professional," GOP strategist Amanda Carpenter noted. "When you lose someone at the head of the ship, it can feel like things are coming apart and that's my sense of what's happening."

Indeed, despite Hicks' insistence per multiple sources that she's been considering an exit from the Trump administration for months, White House officials told BuzzFeed News that they were shocked by the news.

Tapper later noted that "it does seem like there is more chaos in this news cycle every day than any other period I can recall — because of the Trump White House."

Watch below, via CNN: