CNN's Dana Bash calls BS on White House claim Trump wanted to 'rebrand' active shooter drills: What about 'duck and cover?'

President Donald Trump seemed to indicate active shooter drills were too scary for children. As the White House tried to clean up his remarks Thursday, they said that the president simply wanted to "rebrand" the idea of an "active shooter drill" so that it would be called something like "security drill" or a "safety drill." The concern was about not scaring children.

"We have to harden those schools, not soften them," Trump said.

CNN's Dana Bash called the excuse absolute nonsense.

"No. Absolutely not," she said, explaining it didn't add up for her. "I mean, I guess maybe it does in the Trump White House, because he knows from branding, for sure."

She noted that historically, children have been forced to handle far worse.

"If you kind of look back in history, that's happened way before the three of us were in school, but during the Cold War, they did drills where kids were told to go under their desks, duck and cover. And some of those kids were even given dog tags with their names on them in case they died and told that. So, -- and you know, as far as I know, there were no mass school shootings back then."

She went on to say that the "branding" in the 1950s "was pretty harsh back then."

"Of course not. That is not the issue," she dismissed the White House excuse. "It seemed as though that was kind of a creative way to try to thread the needle and explain what the president meant when he said what he said."

Watch her poignant comments below: