'A disturbing pattern': Ex-national security adviser slams Trump for playing politics with our safety
Samantha Vinograd -- CNN screen capture

Appearing on CNN on Saturday morning, a former national security adviser in President Barack Obama's administration accused Donald Trump of "playing politics" by holding back a memo authored by House intel committee Democrats that is critical of a similar memo authored by House intel head Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA).

Speaking with host Victor Blackwell, Samantha Vinograd -- who served as senior advisor to National Security Advisor Thomas E. Donilon -- claimed she is cognizant about releasing sensitive information, but that the Democratic memo should not be held back.

"The Department of Justice has identified portions of the February 5 memorandum the disclosure which it believes would create especially significant concerns for the national security and law enforcement interests," host Blackwell began. "What do you make of the denial and the justification for that denial?"

"I always support the president listening to the Department of Justice. particularly when they have significant concerns about what the impact of releasing this information would have on our national security," Vinograd began. "That is why information is classified. But I do think that we're seeing a disturbing pattern of the president listening to his team when it suits his political or personal interests."

"He went ahead and released the Nunes memo despite the grave concerns that the Department of Justice had about its release," she reminded the CNN host. "We've also seen this when it comes to Russian election meddling. The president has chosen not to listen to his intelligence community, which has agreed the Russians meddled in the election, because, in some ways, makes it looks like he didn't really win the election and you can't pick and choose when you take your adviser's advice."

"So selective deference," host Blackwell suggested.

"For political or personal reasons, yes," the analyst agreed.

Watch the video below via CNN: