'Why doesn't he just shut up?': CNN's Setmayer launches epic rant on Trump for tweeting like an 'insecure lunatic'
Tara Setmayer -- CNN screenshot

Conservative CNN commentator Tara Setmayer went ballistic on President Donald Trump on Monday over his inability to refrain from tweeting about the Florida tragedy -- among other things -- while the country is still reeling from the high school shooting in Parkland that left seventeen dead.

Sitting on an AC360 panel, host Anderson Cooper asked about Trump's weekend Twitter binge, with former Ted Cruz (R-TX) spokesperson Alice Stewart saying,  "I think President Trump did a fine job with the statement he gave to the nation last week, but he canceled it all away this weekend by the comments that he made."

"This was a weekend for him and the nation to have quiet reflection, to hug your children and to reflect on what we can do as a nation to heal and to make sure this doesn't happen again," she continued. "And for him to go on and on and on about Russia and speaking more about himself instead of offering prayers--."

"That was the point I was going to make, " Setmayer interjected. "Why doesn't the president just shut up? Be quiet for a weekend because children were killed?"

Former Trump aide then jumped in to defend the president, saying, "But Tara, he's being constantly attacked."

The pushed Setmayer over the edge.

"I don't care, children were killed! He cannot tweet out on Twitter every single time someone attacks him," she said as she grew angrier. "He's supposed to be a New Yorker and he is the most thin-skinned person. He doesn't need to defend himself all the time constantly, especially after a major national tragedy where kids died miles from his resort where he's living in luxury. "

"I'm sorry, he was being attacked around the clock," Miller protested.

"So what?" Setmayer shot back. "That goes with the job, Jason, that goes with the job! This, again, just highlights how unqualified he is as President of the United States -- he does not have the temperament. You have to be able to take the hits if you're going to be President of the United States, and he is unable to do it."

"So instead he behaves like an insecure lunatic on Twitter as opposed to being a mature adult as the President of the fricking United States. I'm sick of you guys making excuses for him," she railed at Miller.

You can watch the clip below via CNN: