Donald Trump Jr. likes tweet smearing teen Parkland shooting survivor as an FBI stooge
Donald Trump Jr. gets interviewed by WTAE in Pennsylvania (Screen cap).

Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday signaled his approval of a new conspiracy theory that accuses a teenager who survived the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School of being part of a plot to cover up for the FBI's failures.

As documented by the "Trump Alert" Twitter bot, Trump Jr. liked a tweet from conservative talk show host Graham Ledger that linked to a Gateway Pundit article attacking Parkland survivor David Hogg, who has been outspoken in his advocacy of stronger gun laws.

Commenting on the article, which attacks Hogg for having a father who is a retired FBI agent, Ledger questioned whether Hogg was being used as a way to take heat off the FBI for failing to follow up on tips it received about school shooter Nikolas Cruz, who murdered 17 people last week in Parkland, Florida.

"Could it be that this student is running cover for his dad who Works as an FBI agent at the Miami field office Which botched tracking down the Man behind the Valentine day massacre?" Ledger asked. "Just wondering. Just connecting some dots."