Fox's Shep Smith blasts Trump for calling Russia probe a 'witch hunt' as Kremlin's next attack is 'just months away'
Shep Smith (Screengrab)

Fox News host Shep Smith on Tuesday blasted President Donald Trump for refusing to take action against Russia's interference in the upcoming midterm elections in spite of repeated warnings from the heads of America's intelligence agencies.

"The Russians are now trying to interfere with the 2018 midterms already — and six heads of intelligence agencies agree," the host said at the start of his Tuesday show, adding that "they testified as much." 

Nevertheless, Admiral Mike Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency and head of U.S. Cyber Command, told lawmakers on Tuesday that Trump has not instructed him to take action to curtail the Kremlin's current meddling or take steps to prevent them from further doing so.

Former and current intelligence chiefs have warned Trump and the American public for more than a year about Russia's electoral interference, spanning all the way back to before he won his 2016 presidential campaign.

"Remember, last time [Russia] sent people here, organized rallies here, targeted advertising in here and they interfered in our democracy," the host noted. "Now, top intelligence officials say Russia is at it again, trying to meddle in our midterm elections that are just months away."

Despite those warnings, "the president is still railing against the Russia investigation," Smith continued, noting that ahead of White House and former Trump campaign aide Hope Hicks' appearance before the House Intelligence Committee, Trump tweeted the words "witch hunt" to describe the probe.

Watch below, via Fox News: