GA teacher who opened fire inside classroom charged with making 'terroristic threats' as Trump remains mum on shooting
Dalton High School teacher Randal Davidson. Image via Twitter.

The Dalton, Georgia teacher who barricaded himself in his classroom before opening fire inside the school has been charged with making terroristic threats and five other charges.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that 53-year-old Randal Davidson, who taught social studies and was a play-by-play announcer at Dalton High School football games, was charged with aggravated assault, carrying a weapon on school grounds, terroristic threats, reckless conduct, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and disrupting a public school.

Dalton, who had been at the school since 2004, did not hurt any students.

Hours after the incident, which began around 11:30 Eastern time, President Donald Trump doubled down on his suggestion that teachers should be armed. He has not yet acknowledged the Dalton High firearm discharge.