WATCH: Trump promotes arming teachers hours after educator fired a gun in a Georgia classroom
Trump during a conference announcing a bipartisan bill to promote gun safety in schools. Image via screengrab.

During Wednesday's announcement of a bipartisan bill to promote school safety in the wake of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting, President Donald Trump once again promoted his plan to arm teachers mere hours after a teacher opened fire in a classroom in Georgia.

"You can't just be sitting ducks," the president said after touting statistics claiming a vast majority of the nation's mass shootings took place in areas where guns are not permitted. "That's exactly what we've allowed people in these buildings and schools to be."

Neither Trump nor the Republican and Democratic congresspeople at the televised meeting mentioned the incident that took place around noon Eastern time in Dalton, Georgia, where a teacher reportedly barricaded himself inside his classroom before firing his gun. No students were injured when he discharged the weapon, and he was taken into police custody shortly thereafter.

After the incident, a student who said she was in the classroom blasted the National Rifle Association for promoting armed educators.

You can watch the president make his remarks in favor of arming teachers below: