'It’s going to be a war zone': GOP worried about devastating losses in 2018 midterms
Paul Ryan (CBS News)

Looking at recent losses in Virginia and Alabama, national Republican officials are fearful they are facing a bloodbath in the coming  2018 midterms due to candidates having to defend President Donald Trump in a landscape where the president is suffering terrible poll number after only one year in office.

According to one GOP strategist speaking with the New York Times, 'It's going to be a warzone."

While Republicans have previously dominated at the state level, the Times notes that Democratic voters have been energized by what has transpired since the election of Trump.

"National strategists in both parties see the landscape of legislative races expanding, especially in areas around major cities where President Trump has stirred an insurrection among liberals, and college-educated voters and white women have recoiled from Republicans," the Times reports.

According to Matt Walter, president of the Republican State Leadership Committee, Republicans are having to play defense in most states as he pointed out that Democratic turnout in recent special elections, are setting off "alarm bells" within the party.

“What we have seen in the special elections is a significant spike in the interest, engagement, spending and energy by the liberal Democrats and progressive movement,” Walter explained. “The spending is real. The organizational prowess is real. And the energy is real.”

Speaking with the Times, Democrat Helen Tai, who is running in a May special election for the Pennsylvania State House prompted by a Republican’s resignation, said she can't wait for the election day.

“I wish it was a presidential year,” she explain. “People want to vote. They can’t wait to vote.”

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