Gun lobbyist bizarrely claims guns too dangerous to unload before taking to school: 'It will lead to an accident'
Hand holding loaded revolver on red red background (

Pro-gun lobbyist Richard Rogers said this week that parents should be allowed to bring loaded firearms to school because it is too dangerous to unload and secure them before picking up children.

Rogers, a lobbyist for the NRA-affiliated Iowa Firearms Coalition, told the Iowa Senate Judiciary Committee that he supports a state Senate bill that would allow parents to bring loaded handguns onto school grounds without first securing the firearm.

“Say a person wasn't planning to pick up their kids but their spouse calls and says I need you to pick up Johnny and Sally and take them to the dentist,” Rogers explained to lawmakers. “He drives up on the property, pulls up on the U drive, sees his kids there, picks them up, he’s committed a felony.”

Parents who carry concealed weapons are currently required to unload and lock their weapons in the trunk of the vehicle before driving onto school property.

Rogers contended that guns were too dangerous to constantly load and unload.

“That manipulation of the weapon multiplied many times through the year ultimately will lead to an accident,” he opined.

Republican state Sen. Jason Schultz said that he also supported the idea of parents carrying loaded guns on school property.

“The more good guys you get armed in our schools I believe the safer our children,” Schultz opined. “If we could expand this further I would.”

The committee passed the bill unanimously with bipartisan support. It now goes to the full Senate for consideration.