'Hello -- your family is being investigated': CNN conservative bashes 'bonehead' Don Jr. for India condo sales trip
Amanda Carpenter (Screenshot)

During a CNN panel discussion on presidential son, Donald Trump Jr., jetting off to India for a high-profile trip to sell Trump-branded condos, a former speechwriter for Sen.Ted Cruz (R-TX) was incredulous that he would engage in more financial transactions overseas when his entire family is under the microscope of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

According to State of the Union host Jake Tapper, "The problem is Don Jr. and his Indian business partners are selling the Trump name today while his father is in office."

"What do you make of this?" Tapper asked CNN regular Amanda Carpenter.

"I think this is about as smart as the things Donald Trump Jr. likes on Twitter," Carpenter explained. "Hello! Your family is being investigated. Robert Mueller has a whole team of lawyers who specialize in corruption is that financial crimes! This seems like an incredibly bone-headed move, but he seems like he's having fun."

According to MoveOn spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre, the entire Trump family is a mess.

"I think Donald Trump and his family, they're a walking talking conflict of interest and they take any opportunity that comes their way to profit off the presidency," she explained. "We see it time and time again. It violates -- it is unprecedented. They cross every line and they have no shame doing it."

Watch the video below via CNN: