High-ranking GOP congressman blasts Trump for failing to enact Russia sanctions: 'A price must be paid'
US President Donald Trump (right) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin talk during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' summit in the central Vietnamese city of Danang on November 11, 2017 (AFP Photo/JORGE SILVA)

The Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday slammed President Donald Trump for failing to enact sanctions on Russia over their electoral interference.

Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) told the Daily Beast that he agrees with U.S. Cyber Command and NSA chief Mike Rogers — that Trump has communicated there is "little price to pay" for the Kremlin's interference in the 2016 elections and reported meddling in the 2018 midterms that's already underway.

"An aggressor will always push forward and do more until he meets resistance,” Thornberry told the Beast. “There has to be a price to be paid.”

"They’re going to keep doing things until there’s a price to be paid,” the chairman continued. “I am very much on the side of calling them out and exposing what they’re doing."