Jeffrey Toobin goes on epic rant against Trump's desire to arm teachers: 'Does anybody remember their teachers?'
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin (Screengrab)

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Toobin gave a powerful speech against President Donald Trump's response to the shooting massacre in Parkland during an emotionally-charged segment of CNN's "Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday.

"Jeffrey Toobin, what did you think of the White House event?" Blitzer asked CNN's senior legal analyst.

"It was very interesting and I think Gloria [Borger] is right there, was no rancor and no vitriol," Toobin began. "Personally, I'm pro-rancor, pro-vitriol. I am pro someone doing something about this rather than being polite!"

"When you hear the President of the United States say the answer is to give every teacher in America a gun, that is insane," Toobin blasted. "That is an insane idea."

"Did anybody go to school here? Does anybody remember their teachers?" Toobin asked rhetorically. "Do you think we should give all of them guns? Do you think -- do you think they want guns?"

"Just what kind of country do we live in when we're talking about giving every teacher in America a gun and that's a solution to this problem?" Toobin wondered.

Watch Jeffrey Toobin responded to the White House event: