AM Joy guest rips GOP for attacking FBI: They only like them when they are ‘bashing black people in the head’
MSNBC anchor Joy Reid and Dr. Jason Johnson, composite image.

During a panel discussion on MSNBC's AM Joy, host Joy Reid and her guests took the Republican Party to the woodshed for attacking the FBI in an effort to derail an investigation into President Donald Trump's White House.

After running clips of Fox News personalities Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson, Reid called out conservatives who are suddenly not so law-and-order when it comes to Trump and Russian involvement.

"Here's Jeanine Pirro who worked with law enforcement. Here she is last night on fox talking about law enforcement," Reid said as she prepared to to roll the Fox News clip.

"Although shooter Cruz pulled the trigger, the potential slaughter twice reported to the FBI could have been prevented had they bothered to lift a finger," Pirro opined. "This FBI was stained and politicized by Mr. 'Holier Than Thou' Jim Comey, but the seeds were sowed by Former FBI Director Bob Mueller, now investigating President Trump."

"How the heck did she not get elected to the United States Senate?" Reid quipped, referencing Pirro's ill-fated -- then aborted -- plans to run against eventual-New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Reid then turned to MSNBC regular Jason Johnson to figure out what is going on with conservatives.

"Jason, your thoughts on the wholesale collapse of right-wing support for federal law enforcement?" Reid asked.

"It's interesting," Johnson began with a knowing look. "They like cops when cops are doing what they want them to do: which is bashing black people in the head. They don't like cops whenever it comes to investigating what's going on in the world."

"Part of this, Joy, is not only is it extremely ignorant and an attack on our federal officers. They act like the FBI is like the 'X-Files,'" he continued.

"You have people that work on these issues and things get lost, overlooked and at the end of the day Cruz was still going to be able to buy his gun," he explained. "Lastly there is the blame. All of this comes from President Trump -- this is what he does. He makes everything about him, he makes everyone else to blame."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: