Lebron James: Trump doesn't really 'give a f*ck about the people'
Lebron James (Screengrab)

NBA superstar Lebron James accused Donald Trump of not “[giving] a f*ck about the people,” arguing it’s a “bad time” having him as president.

"The climate is hot,” James said in a conversation with Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant and sports reporter Cari Champion, which was filmed in January but released Thursday.

“The number one job in America—the appointed person is someone who doesn't understand the people. And really don't give a f*ck about the people," James said.

“When I was growing up, there were like three jobs that you look for inspiration or you feel like these are the people that can give me life,” the famed basketball player added. “It was the President of the United States, it was whoever was the best at sports and then it was like the greatest musician at the time.”

“You never thought you can be them, but you can grab inspiration from them,” he said.

“I never felt I could be President of the United States, but I grabbed inspiration from that.” James explained. “But this time right now, with the President of the United States, it’s at a bad time. And while we cannot change what comes out of that man’s mouth, we can continue to alert the people that watch us, that listen to us as, this is not the way.”

"It's not even a surprise when he says something. It's like laughable," James said. "It's laughable and it's scary."

Watch below: