‘We love our mayor’: Nashville celebrates Dem Mayor Megan Barry as ‘noble female sex scandal survivor’
Nashville Mayor Megan Barry (Facebook)

The first female mayor of Nashville, Tennessee admitted this week to an extramarital affair with the head of her security detail. Despite the #MeToo reckoning gripping America, Mayor Megan Barry is being celebrated for her handling of the scandal.

Mandy Stadtmiller, the author of the book Unwifeable, praised Mayor Barry in The Daily Beast as "a perfectly sympathetic character to embody the face of the noble female sex scandal survivor."

"She’s not quitting. She’s the mayor of “#Smashville” as some on Twitter are branding her. We are so far gone from the withering puritanical morality of branding the adulteress with scarlet A’s," Stadmiller suggested. "On the contrary, Megan Barry deserves a scarlet A-plus."

Mayor Barry, "has seemingly authored a new Female Sex Scandal Playbook on the fly" Stadtmiller noted.

It may be working, after her admission, billboards went up in Nashville proclaiming, "we love our mayor."

“When I saw the billboard I thought you know that's Nashville,” Nashville resident Andy Martin told Fox 17. “That's pretty cool.”

The affair was with Metro police Sgt. Robert Forrest, Jr, who submitted his retirement papers in January and had his final day on Wednesday.

Watch Mayor Megan Barry's press conference.