MSNBC anchors stunned after GOP strategist Rick Wilson says Nunes memo ‘came off like a fart in a hurricane’
MSNBC anchor Katy Tur and Republican strategist Rick Wilson.

The acerbic political analysis of Republican strategist Rick Wilson left two different MSNBC anchors speechless during an appearance to discuss Congressman Devin Nunes' (R-CA) memo on Friday.

"Rick, you've got a fiery twitter feed...that is an understatement. you tweeted this today," Tur began.

"This thing came off today like a fart in a hurricane, it is that inconsequential," Wilson interrupted.

Tur then read on air the Valentine of a poem that Wilson serenaded Nunes with on Twitter.

"There you have it, a little verse here and there. Look, I think this is an embarrassment," Wilson admitted.

"The Republican Party and the enablers with President Hannity over at Fox News hyped this thing into the sky," Wilson explained. "They turned this into something where they had people believing today you would see Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey and Susan Rice marched off in handcuffs and instead you've got people are laughing at -- at Devin Nunes like he is Tommy Wiseau."

With Wilson's missive coming at the top of the hour, Tur handed MSNBC off to Ali Velshi.

"What did he say," Velshi asked.

"A fart in a hurricane," Tur noted.

"That is amazing," Velshi replied. "I want to leave it at that."

"I have nothing else to add," Tur concluded.

Watch the hilarious segment: