'Newtown made me re-examine my views': Scarborough rips 'frothing at the mouth' critics after he calls for gun reforms
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough took to Twitter Friday afternoon to fire back at "frothing at the mouth" critics who are furious that the former conservative lawmaker now supports stricter gun laws.

Following a morning diatribe on MSNBC, where he called President Donald Trump a "coward," adding, "Name one time when he hasn’t stepped out to try to show a little bit of original thinking, then he curls back up into fetal position and becomes cowardly and listens to the most extreme members of the black helicopter crowd,” Scarborough had enough of his online critics and replied in kind.

Scarborough began by reminding followers of his history with the NRA, writing, "As I have said publicly for years, while in Congress I was one of the 2nd Amendment’s strongest proponents. And even though the NRA worked nonstop to defeat me in my first campaign, they supported me after because I was always an unyielding advocate for gun rights. I still am."

From there he took on his critics, once mocking them by writing, "For those frothing at the mouth thinking they just broke open Al Capone’s safe, stop humiliating yourselves publicly."

You can read the sequence of tweets below: