Reporters grill Sarah Sanders over the NRA's control of Trump
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screenshot)

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday faced questions about the relationship between President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association.

At a press briefing, Fox Business reporter Blake Burman asked why it appeared that the White House had softened its support for raising the age limit to buy rifles.

"Now you just said that it is something that is still being discussed," he asked. "It feels like a little bit of a downgrade. Why the downgrade and to those who would say, well he had lunch with the NRA over the weekend, did the NRA get ahold of him?"

Sanders said Trump still supported the "concept" for raising the age limit, but "it would be premature to weigh in" before specific legislation was proposed.

She also insisted that the president wasn't trying to keep his lunch meeting with NRA officials over the weekend a secret, even though it was not published on the White House schedule.

"The president is taking information from a number of stakeholders and to try to pretend he's being influenced by any one group would be ridiculous," Sanders said.

"The reason I'm asking about what day the lunch took place Sarah is because yesterday morning the NRA spokesperson said these are things he is discussing when it comes to the age limit that Blake was asking about," Daily Mail reporter Francesca Chambers noted. "It does seem like there was a softening of the stance from the president between what we heard last week and what we are hearing now today."

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