'Oh, c'mon!' Joy Behar clashes with Meghan McCain for whining about being 'offended' by attacks on John Kelly
The View's Joy Behar, Meghan McCain -- ABC screenshot

During a discussion over when exactly White House Chief of Staff John Kelly became aware that aide Rob Porter had reportedly abused two of his previous wives, View host Joy Behar cut off conservative panelist Meghan McCain after she started to complain about where the discussion was going when it came to White House Republicans.

Picking up on the story that broke yesterday, Behar mocked Kelly for professing to be "shocked" by the allegations, despite knowing full well that Porter had never been given a clean bill of health by the FBI.

"Kelly says she was shocked -- shocked I tell you -- when he saw photographs of the abuse," Behar stated. "But the White House knew the FBI held up Porter's security clearance over this a long time ago. This happened -- the FBI said he doesn't have security clearance because he might have abused these women. Why is Kelly so shocked?"

"We're talking about the abuse of a woman. look at that photo," McCain parried.

"We're talking about Kelly," Behar shot back at her conservative counterpart."We are laughing at him being shocked."

"It's not," McCain began, before taking a different approach. "It's very serious and as a Republican I am offended -- ," McCain attempted, only to be cut off by Behar, who exclaimed, "As a Democrat I'm offended by Republicans."

After panelist Sunny Hostin momentarily calmed the regulars down, it picked up once again,as attacks on the White House response to the abuse allegations increased.

"Let's talk about the issue," McCain stated. "You're offended by Republicans, so all Republicans probably everywhere, offended by me sitting here because I'm a Republican."

"I'm offended by a party that backs a racist," Behar shot back, alluding to President Trump.

"Oh, my god," McCain exclaimed.

"Oh, c'mon, Meghan. 72 percent of the Republican Party thinks he's a good role model," Behar lectured.

"I'm actually going on the Van Jones show and I'm talking about this in a way that is respectful and not being told, just because I'm a Republican I'm offending you,' McCain said. "We are not going to move a needle throwing out platitudes like that. I'll have a real conversation about it."

"Oh, really?" Behar scoffed. "We'll see."

Watch the video below via ABC: