German figure skater Nicole Schott competed in the Olympics Thursday to music from the film "Schindler's List," and the internet was horrified.

It isn't the first time a figure skater has used the music. In 2014, Yulia Lipnitskaya did her gold-medal-winning routine to the song as well. The 15-year-old drew cries from Twitter asking if "Schindler's List on Ice" was coming to an arena near them.

Given the heightened anti-Semitism, many wondered if perhaps it was best to curb the use of a song used to tell the story of a man who saved Jews from the Holocaust.

In another case, Yashar Ali of the Huffington Post, recalled Tatyana Navka, "the wife of Putin's powerful spokesman Dmitry Peskov." She and her partner performed a Holocaust themed performance during a competition in Russia. The two were dressed in stripped uniforms with the Star of David on their chest.

Watch a clip from Schott below:

And the Twitter response:

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