'Outrageous': CNN's Dana Bash rips Trump for defending Porter while 'not mentioning one syllable' about the victims
CNN's Dana Bash -- screencapture

CNN’s Dana Base on Friday slammed Donald Trump’s effusive praise of former aide Rob Porter after the president “went out of his way” to tell reporters the man accused of abusing at least three women “says he’s innocent.”

“Look, I don't know why I’m surprised, because I shouldn't be surprised,” Bash said, “Because, particularly with issues like this—accusations on a personal level—the president tends to rally around the person being accused because, and he has told many a friend this, because he felt like he has been falsely accused. “

“Having said that, the fact that he did not mention one word, one syllable, about these two women, plus apparently an ex-girlfriend, particularly the ex-wives, who are talking in great detail about abuse, physical, verbal abuse, is outrageous,” Bash continued “I mean, I’m sorry, it just is. It just is.”

“And it is tone-deaf to the times, it is tone-deaf to the situation that he has had, which is a person who has been in the closest proximity possible to this man alleged to have done some pretty horrible things,” she added. “We’ve seen the pictures, but more importantly, we have heard from one of his ex-wives.”

“To not even have a nod to that and instead just profusely, effusively, praise the work that Porter did, it's sad,” Bash concluded.

Watch below, via CNN: