'President Trump is finished with John Kelly': Morning Joe rips Kellyanne Conway's defense of chief of staff
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough dismissed Kellyanne Conway's insistence that White House chief of staff John Kelly still enjoyed the president's full confidence.

The retired general has come under fire for his handling of domestic abuse allegations against former staff secretary Rob Porter, but Conway claimed Sunday that Kelly's job was safe.

“A lot of back and forth going on here, it could be confusing,” Scarborough said. “We’ll tell you what, what we usually do on 'Morning Joe' when we’re confused and just want to know the facts. We just wish somebody at the White House would give us the facts.”

He pointed out that Conway's comments sounded remarkably similar to what she said one year ago Monday, when she insisted President Donald Trump had full confidence in then-national security adviser Mike Flynn -- who was ousted hours later and has since pleaded guilty in the special counsel probe.

"(She) rushed out, and did what she does so often, said things that have no connection to the truth," Scarborough said.

He said Conway's comments were "the exact opposite" of what his own sources inside the White House had told him about Trump and Kelly.

“President Trump is finished with John Kelly, and his staff members around John Kelly can’t wait for him to go," Scarborough said.