Pulitzer-winner suggests White House trying to ease out Jared Kushner by the end of the week
President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner (via Creative Commons).

Pulitzer Price-winning journalist Carol Leonnig suggested that the White House may be attempting to force out senior advisor Jared Kushner before Friday's deadline for him to receive permanent security clearance.

"I want to read you something Dan Pfeiffer, who worked in the Obama White House said," Hayes noted, reading a tweet from the former White House aide.

"Well, it sounds pretty clever," Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig replied.

"I would say right now, Sarah Sanders' comments are not dishonest, they are graceful," Leonnig continued. "She's allowing the opportunity -- it seems to me -- for the process to work out. For either the clearance to mysteriously be approved, which does not seem likely, or for Jared Kushner to decide to bow out."

"Wait, you think -- wait a second. You think the latter is a possibility?" Hayes interrupted.

"If you don't have a security clearance and access to top secret information, how could you exactly broker Middle East peace?" Leonnig answered, referring to one item Kushner's father-in-law has tasked him with solving.

Leonnig also noted Kushner as reportedly been reading the president's daily brief, despite lacking security clearance.

"Keep in mind that this is a particularly bizarre scenario," Leonnig explained. "You have an ongoing investigation, criminal and counter-intelligence investigation of many senior people in the Trump White House because they were, in fact, in the Trump campaign while Russia was meddling with our election."