‘Rankled’ UK will be less likely to share confidential info with US if GOP releases Nunes FBI memo: report
British Prime Minister Theresa May visited US President Donald Trump at the White House in January. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

The House Republicans intend to read their false and misleading memo on the floor of Congress, but the tactic has prompted the U.K. government to question their special relationship with the United States.

Revealing confidential classified information for political purposes seems to have prompted British spy agencies to consider terminating any communication about Russia with the United States, The Telegraph reported Thursday.

One source told the paper that the British security services would be “rankled” if the Republican Party makes the information public.

It was also revealed Thursday that new FBI Director Christopher Wray may resign if the memo is released. The U.S. Justice Department have warned that the UK-US intelligence sharing relationship could be damaged by the GOP's move.