Reagan economic adviser mocks Trump as Dow falls: The market just realized an 'unstable lunatic is president'
President Donald Trump speaks in Ohio while the Dow Jones plummets in historic drop. Image via screengrab.

At the exact moment when President Donald Trump was bragging about the economic boon from his tax reforms, the stock market experienced an historic crash — and according to one former White House economic adviser, that wasn't coincidental.

"The stock market just noticed that an unstable lunatic is president of the United States," Bruce Bartlett, a Treasury Department official under President George H.W. Bush and an economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan tweeted.

MSNBC's Joy Reid noted Bartlett's resume soon after he made the quip on Twitter.

The simultaneity of the president's speech and the stock market drop wasn't missed on programmers at Fox News, who made the unusual move of cutting from Trump's Ohio speech to focus on the largest single-day stock point drop in history.