'Both represent Russia': Internet rips Ivanka Trump and Sarah Sanders for Olympics closing ceremony photo-op
Sarah Sanders and Ivanka Trump at the Olympics/AFP

Ivanka Trump attended the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang winter Olympics, which is just now airing in some places.

People are not happy to see the first daughter—and leading diplomat—on television.

Some of the funnier and more interested reactions are below.

"Ivanka Trump and Sarah Sanders are at the Olympics to represent the United States, but it doesn’t make any sense. They both represent Russia."

"To be fair, she also briefed them on her new line of jewelry, cosmetics & Ivanka Fashion-Wear."

"Child cries after meeting Ivanka in Pyeongchang.... kids can sense evil in people."

"I'm constantly amazed at how Ivanka comports herself like she's the spunky princess of a beloved royal family."

"US Olympic skier slams Ivanka Trump for attending closing ceremony: What is she doing here?"

"Imagine replacing “Ivanka” with “Chelsea”. We’d have been picking GOP brain matter out of the curtains for weeks 🤯"

"BREAKING NEWS: Ivanka Trump travels half-way around the world at taxpayers expense to mock Olympic athletes from every country as she flaunts the "I'm the #SoCalledPresident's privileged daughter's" medal. #Olympics #VoteBlue & #FireTheGOP"