‘They’ve already convicted him!’ Fox host freaks out over San Diego State course on Trump impeachment
Ainsley Earhardt (Fox News)

San Diego State University is offering a course that seems almost tailor-made to outrage Fox News viewers -- so, naturally, the conservative network devoted about three minutes to the class.

The university is offering a one-credit course in March called “Trump: Impeachment, Removal or Conviction?” taught by professor John Joseph Cleary.

The network, which spent less than 30 seconds Wednesday morning on a pair of bombshell reports about Jared Kushner, invited an SDSU student who's also a correspondent for the conservative Campus Reform website to talk about the course, which will rely on the book, "The Case for Impeachment," by political historian Allan Lichtman.

"I think the dangerous part of it is that they are making a very strong claim that the president has sort of committed crimes of treason or bribery and that he is, you know, been allegedly accused of violating the Article 2 Section 4 of the Constitution," Jones said.

"Fox & Friends" co-host Ainsley Earhardt complained that the course did not offer any sort of balance to its premise.

"It's not even sort of," she said. "They are claiming that they don't give an option of innocence. They say 'Trump impeachment, removal or conviction.' It's not Trump, guilty or innocent. They have already convicted him here, right?"

Jones agreed, saying the course should have focused on historical examples of impeachment instead of a hypothetical case against the sitting president.

"Their message is very clear, and we see this all the time," Jones griped. "College campuses, especially San Diego State University, there is tons of liberal bias and it's honestly not surprising, unfortunately."

Jones and Earhardt agreed the university was targeting Trump and his supporters by building the elective course around his impeachment.

"I mean, it's clear -- his name is in the title," Jones said. "It's very clear what the message is this course is sending. Look at the required textbook, it was written by a liberal nutjob on the East Coast. His message is very clear as well. This course is to go after President Trump, and unfortunately, they can, you know, spew their talking points all they want but I'm not buying it."